Struggling to get your team to track time? Block user access until time is tracked for the previous day.

If the Block User Access is not checked, users will be reminded each morning that they have time left to track, but will still be able to continue working.

Follow these steps: 

  1. Identify who in your company the time tracking users are. We know everyone hates to track time, so Magnetic reminds you when you log in the next day if you forgot to track time the previous day. 
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over your name. 
  3. Select the  "Invite & manage users".
  4. Edit each user that needs to be a time tracking user.
  5. Set a number of hours they must track per day and check the box "Receive Reminders to Track Time". (You will need to click on notifications and choose that option).
  6. While you're in the user setting, you can also set a cost to company rate per user. This rate is their actual cost to company per hour and will be used in various recon reports to determine the true profit/loss on work completed.

***Note*** Users with this feature activated will receive a notification at the top of their screen when logging in. If they haven't tracked enough time, it will tell them how much time needs to be tracked. I.e if a user is set to 8 hours of capacity per day and they only tracked 3 hours yesterday, then today they will be reminded to track the remaining 5 hours for yesterday's work.

For drastic measures when users just refuse to track time, you can force them to the timesheet if they didn't track time the previous day. The system will lock them out of doing anything except tracking time. 

Once the correct amount of time is tracked they will have full access to Magnetic again.

See the video below that demonstrates this feature: 

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