Keep track of all communication from your team regarding a particular opportunity or job by commenting directly on it. 

To make a comment on a project or opportunity:

  1. Click on Opportunity or Job
  2. Hover over the job and click on the speech bubble on the right-hand side of the project/opportunity you want to comment on.
  3. Alternatively, click on the name of the job/opportunity. This should take you to the dashboard for that specific job/opportunity.
  4. Once in the dashboard, click on the speech bubble icon and a dropdown menu will appear.
  5. Select the option "Comment".
  6. Fill in the Comment Page that appears.
  7. Add Watchers who will receive email notification when changes happen on the opportunity/job. 
  8. Add a Follow-up: Assign the follow-up instruction to a specific person and for a specific date and time. The follow-up can be a comment, call, attempted call or a check-in.
  9. Save 

See screenshots of the steps below: 

Adding a comment:

Adding a follow up: