To copy incoming mail to Magnetic, we will setup a POP3 listener on your mail account. This will not delete messages off the server so you can continue to receive mail via your mail client as your normally do. We will poll your mailbox every minute.


1. If using POP3 we will not receive your sent email. You need to switch to IMAP for this and ensure you are saving sent email to your sent items folder.

2. If you have an Exchange account or some other mail server, when we check email some email may get marked as read. You need to switch to IMAP if this is the case.

To setup, you need the following details from your mail provider: (The same applies if setting up via IMAP)

  • POP3 Server Name. (or the IMAP server name if you're using IMAP)
  • Username  - This is usually your email address.
  • Password.
  • Email address.
  • Whether your POP server requires SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections. (Same applies to IMAP)
  • POP3 Port  - This is usually 110 for non-secure and 995 for SSL connections.
    IMAP Port - This is 143 for non-secure and 993 for SSL connections.

In Magnetic click User Settings in the top right and then choose New Mail Account

1. Select Other.

2. If you wish to use IMAP, you can fill in the details as received from your mail provider. Alternatively if you want to go ahead and use POP3, click "Click here to use POP3 if your mail server does not support IMAP"

3. Enter your details and hit save, we will check if the details are correct and notify you immediately.

Please note the following when trying to add a GMAIL account via "OTHER":