Magnetic realises how busy agencies are and we want to help save you time by giving you three tricks to work with.

1. Quick Add Menu: 

This is a menu at the bottom of your screen that allows you to instantly do the following:

  • Add tracked time to Timesheet
  • Create a task
  • Attach files
  • Create reminders
  • Create a job
  • Create an opportunity
  • Create a company
  • Create a contact
  • Create a cost estimate
  • Create a tax invoice

2. Global Search:

There are a number of ways to search your Magnetic database for companies, contacts, names, task / job numbers, account numbers etc

The fastest and most effective is by using the global search (top right of your screen). Global search allows you to search for the full name or parts of the name or number. The results will displayed grouped together on the results page.
If you wish to include Archived items in your results, check "Includes Archives" .

3. Saved Searches:

Watch the tutorial on Saved Searches and learn how you can save your applied filters in a search for all your contacts, companies, opportunities, jobs, tasks as well as reports.