How to link emails to opportunity/jobs

If you want to link email to a specific opportunity or job then this must be done explicitly. There isn't a way we can automatically do this, unfortunately. 

You have 2 options:

1. Put the opportunity/job code or external reference in the subject line when sending an email in the format "(m#xxxx)" where the xxxx is replaced with the code of the opportunity/job or the External Reference of the opportunity/job. It is important to include brackets as per the format indicated otherwise it will not work.

The external reference can be found/specified when viewing the opportunity/job and in many of the other views.

  • Create a unique reference for the opportunity/job such as "RETAINER". (not case sensitive)

  • Put into the email in the format "(m#Retainer)" * Note the brackets. It is not case sensitive.
    This reference field is set while editing the opportunity/job.

  • If an email was received that didn't have the opportunity/job code in it then you can still link the email to the opportunity/job manually:
    1. Click on Clients.
    2. Click on Emails.
    3. Search and select the relevant email.
    4. Choose "Link emails messages to opportunity / job".
    5. Select the Opportunity / Job and hit save.

    See the screenshots below:

To view emails you can
  1.  Click the email icon when viewing the opportunity/job to show emails linked explicitly to the job. 
  2.  Click the email icon when viewing the company to show all emails sent/received with contacts in that company.
  3.  Click the email icon when viewing the contact to show all emails sent/received with contacts in that contact.

Screenshot showing Emails icon on a job