Boost has the ability to integrate into the following 3 systems:

  • Magnetic

  • Workbook

  • Maconomy

The first time an admin user logs into Boost the system will check to see if there is an integration already set up for their company.
If no integration is set, it will display an alert that the user needs to set up an integration and redirect them to their Company Settings:

You will then need to enter the following information to setup the integration.

  • Name: enter the name of the integration 
  • Type: Dropdown with the available integrations (Magnetic, Workbook, Maconomy)
  • URL: URL of the integrated system selected in the dropdown for the user's company.
     (Please ensure this is the exact URL for the integrated system, for example, check whether the URL contains http or https)
  • Active checkbox: Whether this integration is active and should be used by the company.

Figure 32: Integration details

To edit an existing integration, log into the Boost Web App

  • Select Company Settings
  • Find the integration you'd like to edit
  • Select Edit and make your changes (as per Figure 32 above)
  • Click Update when done

Figure 33: List of integrations with View/Edit options