When a user logs into Boost, the system will always check to see whether they have an active integration on their company:

If they don't have an active integration, an alert will display and the user will be logged out or redirected to the Company Settings page if they are an Admin user.

  • If they do, the system will check whether the user has entered they're login details for the integrated system.
  • If they have not or their login details are invalid, the User Integration(see Figure 27 below) window will pop-up asked the user to enter their details to allow Boost access to the integrated system.

If they have and the details are valid, the user will be taken to the Time page.

The user will have to enter the following for their account on the integrated system (for example, their login details for WorkBook):

  • Username
  • Password

Figure 27: User integration details window

If the user integration details have been changed (e.g the user's Magnetic login password has changed) this needs to be updated in Boost to allow the user integration to continue working, To update this:

  • Navigate to User settings
  • Scroll to Integration Setup and click edit
  • Edit the username/password (as shown in Figure 2 above)
  • Save when done