Only Admin users will have access to the Manage Users page.

To add a new user, navigate to Manage Users and click on the New User button on the right hand side:

Figure 25: Select new user

Complete the following:

  • Login: the username used by the user when logging into Boost
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email: user's email address
  • Department: text field
  • Activated Checkbox:  NB please select this when setting up a user!
  • Authorities (refer to the Permissions page for more information):


Figure 26: User details page

Once you've completed these fields, click Save to create the new user. An email will be sent to the user to indicate that their account has been created.

If you wish to edit an existing user:

  • Navigate to the Manage Users page
  • Find the user you would like to edit
  • Select the Edit button
  • Edit the user's details as required
  • Save