Once you have assigned all your various time entries to your tasks, it's time to upload your time to your integrated system.

What will be uploaded?

All the time that is assigned to tasks/jobs will be submitted to upload to the integrated system.

The total time that will be uploaded is displayed at the top of the right hand section below the Upload button and will update as you assign time or upload time. Note below, the total time to be uploaded across 2 tasks, to the active integration.

Figure 19: Total time to be uploaded across two tasks

How to upload your time?

  • Click on the Upload button
  • The Upload window will pop-up asking you'd like to confirm that you'd like to upload the time. Click Save. (see Figure 20 below)
  • Please note that if you have a rounding rule set up in the integrated system, that this will apply to the time sent through to the integration system. For example, rounding up to the closest 15 min interval.

Figure 20: Upload time confirmation

  • The window will either return a successful or unsuccessful results for each task that time was uploaded for.
  • If the time for the task/job couldn't be uploaded, the error message that we receive from the integrated system will be displayed. For example, "1024 Stickeez - 56 Strategy was not uploaded because job end date has expired."
  • The time entries for the tasks that were successfully uploaded will move to Uploaded Time Entries under Reports and will no longer be displayed in the Not Uploaded table.
  • The time entries for the tasks that were not successfully uploaded will still remain assigned to those tasks and displayed in the Not Uploaded table.

Below is a short clip showing how to upload time to an active integration. Note that the 2 time entries disappear when uploaded.