Once you've completed tracking your time, you'll need to upload this time to the Boost Web App.
To upload your time 
Click the Cloud Icon (the icon will change state to indicate it is uploading time)

You will receive a notification in your system tray once your time has successfully uploaded. See Figure 8 and 9 for an example of this notification below. (The timer will also be reset)
You will also receive an email for your records with a breakdown of the time entries that were uploaded to the Boost Web App

Figure 7: Uploading time by clicking the cloud icon

Figure 8: Successful upload status notification

Figure 9: Pending upload status notification

Figure 10: Email notification with attachment of time entries

Important to remember:

  • Boost will not automatically upload your time. It will keep tracking until you decide that you want to upload your time as per the steps above.
  • If your computer is shut down whilst Boost is still running, your current tracked time will be saved and tracking will resume when you start up again. 
  • Boost will notify you via the system tray about the upload status of your time.
  • If you wish to reset the timer for any reason, you can do so by going to the Boost system tray icon:  Actions->Reset time

Figure 11: Resetting the timer on Boost

Here is a short clip showing showing the uploading time process: