Setup and configuration with Boost is quick and easy.
All you need to do is download and install the application file and add your settings.

Before you continue with configuration you'll need to ensure Boost has successfully been installed.
Click here to find out how to install Boost.
Once the application is installed, you're ready to configure your settings as indicated below.

Configure Boost as follows:

  • Run Boost
  • Select the Cogsettings icon display on the app window.
  • Enter the following details: (Your unique details would have been provided to you already.)
    • Server URL: URL of the Boost web app

    • Username:¬†Your username used to log into your Boost account

    • Password: Your password used to log into your Boost account

    • System Idle Time: The amount of time since you last input (for example, ¬†moving mouse, typing on keyboard etc.) that Boost will keep tracking. After the x amount of minutes set as your idle time, Boost will log the time as "No activity on computer".

    • Click Save if you've made any changes.

An example configuration of the Boost Desktop app below:

Figure 5: Boost Desktop App Configuration