Boost is really simple to install. All you need is your Windows .exe file (.dmg for MacOS & image file for Linux) and run it.

Once installed, you can run Boost by simply clicking the icon on your Desktop.

* Note - if you're doing your first install you'll need to configure your settings for the Desktop App prior to uploading your time. Click here to find out how to configure your settings

To install Boost on Windows

  • Download the installer .exe file

  • Click to Run the downloaded .exe file (a popup will appear and setup & installation will commence)

  • Once the install is complete, an icon will be added to your Desktop

  • Click the icon on your desktop to run Boost
    *If you have an anti-virus installed, your anti-virus will scan Boost during the installation progress.

To install Boost on Linux

  • Download the image file to your required location

  • Right click on the image file and select Properties

  • Select the Permissions tab

  • Check the Is executable box and select OK - see screenshot below.

Figure 1: Installing Boost on Linux

NOTE: Once you have have made the image file executable, you can then go ahead and run the file.

To run the image file:

  • Click on the image file (in your downloaded location)
  • You will receive a pop-up window from Linux asking if you wish to integrate Boost into your system. You can allow this action. (only happens the first time)
  • Boost will start running.

To install Boost on Mac OS

  • Download the .dmg file to your download location

  • Right click and select "Open"

  • Select Open on the next security notification that appears

  • Drag the Boost Icon into your Applications folder. Boost will then be installed on your Mac. 

Figure 2: Install Boost on MacOS

  • Once installed, find Boost (you can use Spotlight), right click and select Open

  • Click Start Tracking

  • You will then be prompted to set Permissions for Boost. (you can Stop Tracking when you are prompted for Permissions). Enable the following permissions for Boost to function (see Figure 3 and 4 below):

    • Accessibility

    • Screen Recording
      NOTE: Boost does not actually record your screen. It only grabs the titles of the applications that you are working on whilst tracking is active)

Once the Permissions have been set, you can run Boost like you would any normal application install on your Mac.


Figure 3: Enable Accessibility Permissions

Figure 4: Enabled Screen Recording Permissions