Boost is an automated time tracking system designed to make time tracking effortless and easy so that you can focus on your productivity.

Key features of Boost:

  • Automatically track what time you are spending on the different things you are doing on your computer

  • Easier link that time to tasks in your management system (Maconomy, WorkBook and Magnetic)

  • AI automatically assigns time to tasks saving you time.

Boost consists of 3 components which is used to track and manage your time.
These 3 components are:
  • Boost Desktop App (The app is available on for Windows, Mac OS,Linux)
  • Boost Web App
    The online application which is used in conjunction with the desktop app to manage your time.
  • Integration with a 3rd party system (such as Magnetic, WorkBook & Maconomy)
    Boost can integrate with the above-mentioned systems to allow you to effortlessly upload your time to various tasks that you are working on.