Introducing Colours to Magnetic!  

Use colours to visually organise opportunities, jobs and tasks.  

Add labels to colours

Admin users can add labels to colours under Company Settings > Colours. For example, when using colours to indicate priority, add a "High Priority" label to the colour red. 

***Please note: Only colours that have labels will be available to assign to any opportunity, job or task. 

You can choose to use the same labels for colours across Opportunities, Jobs and Tasks or you can choose the Advanced setting, which will allow you to add labels for Opportunities/Jobs and different labels for Tasks since there might be different uses for colours on tasks as there would be for jobs. 

Different ways of using colours

Below are some suggested ways of using colours to identify the following:

  • Priority (For example critical, high or medium)
  • Type of work (For example internal, digital or production)
  • Role the task is assigned to (For example designer or copywriter)
  • Phase of the job for that task (For example first round of changes or final round)

Selecting colours on opportunities, jobs and tasks

When you are creating or editing an opportunity, job or task, only the colours that have labels will be displayed in the Colour dropdown list. Select the relevant colour and save.

The different views in Magnetic for opportunities, jobs and tasks will display this colour for all users.

If a label on a colour is changed that's already assigned to opportunities, jobs or tasks, then the colour will remain assigned to that task/opportunity/job and the label will update. 

Filter on colour label

You can filter opportunities, jobs and tasks using the colour label assigned to the item: