Reviewing creative assets can be a slow and frustrating process, but it doesn't have to be. ConceptShare is the online proofing software that speeds up the review and approval process allowing your creative team to deliver content faster. 

To streamline the process even more, you can now integrate Magnetic with ConceptShare! 

How it works

Let's start with a quick overview of how ConceptShare works. In ConceptShare you will create projects for the work you are busy with. When you need your team to review creative assets, you create a review within the relevant project and add all the details of the review, for example, assets, reviewers and the due date. 

Using the ConceptShare integration with Magnetic, you can create and launch reviews in ConceptShare directly from a task in Magnetic. The review created will be associated to the task in Magnetic. A check will be done on the name of the job in Magnetic and the project name in ConceptShare, and if there isn't a project with the same name in ConceptShare, one will automatically be created. 

Activate the ConceptShare Integration

The integration can only be activated by admin users. To activate the integration follow these steps:

  1. Hover over your username and click on Company Settings and select Integrations to expand that section.
  2. Under ConceptShare, toggle on the Activate button and complete the required fields:
    • Domain: URL of your company's ConceptShare account
    • User: Email address used to log into ConceptShare
    • Password: Password for the ConceptShare account
  3. Click Save.


To allow you to create or launch a review in ConceptShare, Magnetic uses the email address of your Magnetic account to check your permissions in ConceptShare. Please ensure that you use the same email address for both your Magnetic and ConceptShare accounts.

Configure a ConceptShare review

To create a ConceptShare review within Magnetic once you're ready for your creative assets to be reviewed:

  1. View the task that you want to add the review to and under the ConceptShare Review section, click Configure
    1. If there isn't a project in ConceptShare with the same name as the job linked to the task in Magnetic, one will be created. If the job has the same name as a project in ConceptShare, the review will be linked to that project in ConceptShare. 
  2. Add all the necessary information and assets in the new review window. 
  3. Click OK to save and create the review. 

Launch a ConceptShare review

  1. When you need to provide feedback or approve a review for a team member, view the task that the review is on.
  2. A summary of the review will be displayed when viewing the task.
  3. Click Launch to provide feedback on the review or approve the review. 

How to know whether a ConceptShare review is on a task 

If a task has a ConceptShare review on it, you will see the ConceptShare icon displayed in most of the task views.