Saved Searches

Magnetic has super powerful search capabilities that are often underutilised due to the effort to add the search criteria. Not anymore, we have solved this with allowing you to save any great searches you have created and giving them a name that makes sense.

 Now you can save your applied filters in a search for all your contacts, companies, opportunities, jobs, tasks as well as reports. 

 All you have to do is filter according to what you are looking for and once you've searched, save this search to use it again! Select the save icon next to the search icon (see screenshot below), then give the search a name and choose who will be using this search. E.g. is this search only for you, or a department or your entire company? 

All your personal, department and company saved searches will be available under the arrow dropdown next to the save icon. If you've saved a report, you'll have a new heading for all saved reports.

Steps to saving a search:

  • Select filters>search>save icon.

  • Give the saved search a name.

  • Select who it must be created for:

    • Yourself.

    • Department. (Only for Company Admin/Manager)

    • Company.(Only for Company Admin/Manager)

  • Save (Save icon turns dark when saved successfully).

  • Click on arrow icon to see all saved searches.

    • When viewing your saved searched in the dropdown menu you can unsave the saved search by clicking on the delete icon.
  • When viewing your saved search, you can unsave it by clicking on “Save” again to delete and click on “Confirm”.
  • Saved Searches are available under Clients/Opportunities/Jobs/Tasks/Reports/Accounts.


Do you have a certain contact, job or search that you view often?

You can now favourite any contact, company, opportunity, job or saved search as well as reports! Anywhere you see a star icon, you can favourite or unfavourite something, it's as easy as that. Favourites are personal so will only apply to yourself and will be listed in a dropdown below the heading in your top bar, as seen below:

Click on the star on the screen to "Favourite" the search. 

Once you Favourite the search the star will be highlighted (see below) and a dropdown menu of all your favourite searched for that module will be available under the module heading.

Relative Searches

1. Search on the relative owner: 

When searching on task owner you have the option to search for a relative owner. This means it will reflect the information relevant to the user using the search.

See the examples below: 

  • ?:me - Whoever opens this saved search in their own account will see tasks that are assigned to themselves.

  • ?:department - Saved search for a specific department. The user using the search will see their own department's information.

  • ?:title - see titles relevant to the user using the search.

  • ?:billingrate - See billing rates relevant to the user using the search. E.g. Billing rate user case: looks for more tasks with your billing rate if you want to take on more work.

2. Relative dates:

  • Can also be part of saved searches.

  • E.g. when saving filters one can select the filter called “Created date” and select one of these options:

    • Before today

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • This month

    • Last month

    • Next month

    • This week

    • Last week

    • Next week

    • Etc