You can keep track of when your staff is on leave on Magnetic. This is a very useful for managing your team's capacity and schedule because you can see when they are not available to take on more work.

It is important that you enter your staff's entitled leave in their User Settings.
You can also monitor staff leave using the Leave Balance Report in Magnetic. 

Follow these steps to request leave:

  1. Hover your mouse over the HR module tab.
  2. Click on Leave Requests
  3. To bulk add leave for more than one staff member click on the "Add Bulk Leave" button.
  4. To create a leave request for yourself or another staff member click on "New Leave Request".
  5. Fill in the Leave Request form:
    • Type: Select the relevant leave type requested or leave adjustment type to be made.
    • Start date and End date: Select the start date and end date of the leave period. Tick the "Half day" tick box if you only want to take half days.
    • Days: Fill in the total number of work days taken. 
    • Status: Only users with HR permissions can see this option and change the status. HR Managers must approve or decline the request. 
    • Comment: Add a comment if necessary. 
  6. Save.

When Hr Managers need to review leave requests:

1. Hover over the leave request and click on "Edit" (the pencil icon) on the right.

2. Look at the details of the request and then select Approve or Declined from the dropdown menu below and then save. 

Useful tip:

Once you have approved leave for users on Magnetic, go and view the Team Capacity View and Team Schedule View to see if any work needs to be rescheduled because the staff is unavailable.