There is a neat trick to integrate Slack with Magnetic so you can create tasks in Magnetic directly from messages in Slack.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to our Magnetic Slack Integration Template.

2. Click on "Create this zap".

3. Sign up by filling in your details. 

4. Choose your trigger. Click on "Continue". 

5. Click on "Connect a new Account".

6. Click on the account you want to connect to or sign into a different account.

7. Click on "Authorise".

8. Now that your account is connected, click on "Save + Continue".

9. We have pre-entered the trigger word #addtomagnetic. So all you have to do now is click on "Continue". 

10. Test your Slack Trigger by clicking on "Connect & Continue".

11. Then immediately post a message in a Slack Group Channel with the #addtomagnetic trigger behind it. 

12. If the connection was successful you will receive this message. Click on "Continue".

13. Create a new task: Click on "Continue".

14. Select a Magnetic Account: Click on "Connect a New Account".

15. Click on the link provided to access your API Token. Copy and paste it into the information field below and click on "Yes, Continue".

16. Click on Save + Continue.

17. Set up Magnetic Task: Type in the name of a task on the information field provided. Click on "Continue".

18. Test Magnetic: Click on "Create + Continue".

19. If your test was successful you should get this message. Then Click on "Finish". 

20. Your Zap is working. :)

Next step: In your slack channel just type #addtomagnetic with the message. Then go and see the task created in Magnetic.

It's pretty straight forward, and Zapier guides you.