A critical part of success is being able to identify and react to problems before they happen - like jobs running over budget or schedule. That's where job budget alarms are going to save your butt :)

Start by setting up budget and timing warning thresholds for your jobs - check out the image further down to see how. For example, set it up to receive a warning once you reach 70% of a job's budget or timing estimate.

Once you've set up the thresholds, you'll receive a warning when you reach them for a particular job, as well as when you exceed them. 

When your team has tracked more time than allotted for a project, the item will be marked as over budget for time. A notification will be sent to all job watchers on the project. If the gross or net profits on an item reach or exceed the threshold, notifications will be sent to watchers who are also HR managers and account admins in terms of the profit reports. 

Steps to follow to activate budgeting alarms:

  1. Hover the mouse cursor over your name. 
  2. Click on Company Settings.
  3. Select the Opportunities / Jobs section.
  4. Budget Warning Threshold: Enter the % at which Magnetic must alert you to Opportunities / Jobs which have gone over time or financial budget. 
  5. You can click on the "Deactivate" button next to it at any time to deactivate this warning.
  6. Scroll down and save. 
  7. This will activate the feature and run a back-dated check on all existing opportunities.

See the video below: