Would you like to to know who is working on what?

The TSV is your traffic whiteboard and a place where all traffic and project managers should live on a daily basis. 

Here you can view and manage your teams work in the form of tasks and can do so daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly simply by dragging and dropping tasks from day to day or employee to employee. 

**HANDY TIP: If you make use of the Magnetic leave module employee's leave will also show up on this view**

You can view your entire company or filter in a number of ways such as; individual, team or department. 

What setup is needed for the TSV to work effectively? 

The TSV gives you a detailed overview of all tasks employees are busy on, but in order to see exactly who is working on what, the following key things should be in place:

  • The tasks must have a start and end date. 

  • The tasks must be assigned to an owner.

  • Employees must belong to a department.

  • Leave days must be added on Magnetic.

  • Time estimate set on tasks. 

How do I access and use this report?

  • Tasks>Team Scheduler

  • Enter filters such as:

    • "Date from"
    • Task Owner e.g. Oliver Jeffrey
    • Owner Department Department e.g. Design.

    • Position e.g. Graphic Designer.

    • Opportunity/Job name e.g. Adidas Website.

    • or any other filter you find relevant to your search.

  • Select, by ticking the tick boxes, if you want to:

    • Ignore weekends.

    •  Exclude "Unassigned" user.

    • Include Watchers.

  • Select if you want to view the schedule for a:

    • Day

    • Week

    • 2 Weeks

    • Month

  • Click on the search icon for the search to work.

  • Filter the search as required.
  • Results can be exported as a CSV file, Excel file or a PDF document.

How is the data captured to populate this report?

Simply by creating, tracking and closing tasks will give you the necessary data to make this a valuable and insightful report. 

The following users are involved in the data that populates this report:


  • Traffic / Project Managers - these are the people who assign tasks to users and jobs and ensure all the correct information is set on the task. 

  • Anyone responsible for doing work on tasks - these users must keep their tasks up to date to ensure tasks appear on the correct days. 

How to maintain this report

  • Host a weekly meeting with your traffic/ project manager and review the TSV to ensure all work is correctly allocated and on track.

  • Make sure tasks that are complete are marked as closed.

  • If tasks are overdue, ensure the TSV is kept up to date. 

Handy Tip:

Take note of leave and sick days and if an employee is sick on a day, make sure their critical work is allocated to someone with capacity. 

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