You can make comments for each time entry to explain what it was for.

You can do this either on the Timesheet View or Time entries on Tasks.

Timesheet View

  1. Click on Tasks.
  2. Hover over the View options dropdown menu and select Timesheet View.
  3. Time comments will be hidden by default. If you want to see the comments tick the "Show time comments" tick box.
  4. Click in the box where you want to fill in time tracked.
  5. Write your comment about that tracked time in the text box that appears and enter how much time you tracked.
  6. You can add as many comments here as you want to.
  7. These comments will be visible on the Task Time Entries Report.

Time  Entries on Tasks

  1. When you click on the 3 horizontal line icon on a task it will take you Task Time Entries.
  2. Add a comment as tracked time.
  3. Click on save after each entry.
  4. You can also add "Reduced time" if you want to reduce the amount of time you tracked on Magnetic. Just put a - in front of the time entry.

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