Magnetic has the ability to export your valuable data into easy to use formats without any hassle.

With Magnetic, you are able to export the following information:  

  • contacts / companies
  • opportunities
  • jobs
  • tasks 
  • users
  • item types
  • accounts

The method for exporting data is the same throughout the system with one exception. Some exports can only be done by users with the Admin role. For example, exporting or importing users can only be performed by the Admin role.  Please refer to User Setup for more information on this.

Let's export all the tasks associated to a job as an example.

Follow these steps to export :

  1. Click on Jobs at the top of your screen in your Magnetic account.
  2. Once the list loads, find the job you want and click on "View Associated Tasks" (check mark icon highlighted below)
  3. This will load a list of tasks associated with that job.
  4. Look at the top right of your screen for these two icons.
  5. Click on the grid on the right first, and select what information you would like to include in the export of your data. Fields in bold will be included in your export.

  6. Then click on the icon on the left, and select the format which you want the export to be. (PDF, CSV, or Excel)

  7. Once downloaded, you can open your file in your application of choice.

Please note: If you exported a CSV file, you can still open it as an Excel spreadsheet.

See this link:

Steps to follow to change a CSV file into an Excel spreadsheet: 

  1. Export data as a CSV file.
  2. Open the CSV file as Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Select column A.
  4. Click on the Data tab.
  5. Select "Text to columns".
  6. Select "Delimited".
  7. Select "Comma".
  8. Click on "Finish".
  9. Your text should now be organized in columns. 

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