If you are familiar with SCRUM / KANBAN or Agile methods of working - you are going to enjoy working with Status lanes. Task status lanes are a great way to visualise what tasks need to be done based on your preferred method of working.

Let's start by customizing your lanes - (you will need to have admin rights for this step)

1. Hover the mouse cursor over your name and select Company Settings.

2. Click on Opportunity / Job.

3. Then scroll down to where you see the status lanes. 

4. Here you can add, remove and shuffle (click and hold to drag) your status lanes in your preferred order. Bear in mind that the whole company will be using these lanes by default.

How should these lanes be used? 

There are many ways in which to label these lanes, the most common are listed below.

This WeekLow DoneDevelop
Awaiting FeedbackAwaiting Feedback


Where do I find my Status Lanes?

Head to Tasks | List View | Change to Status Lanes.

The best way of using these lanes is to switch between your List view and Task Status lane views and dragging your tasks into their relative lanes. If you have a daily scrum session, you can access each person's tasks and drag and drop tasks into the correct lanes for the day.

Some helpful Gif's below