Magnetic allows you a couple of options to sync email into the Magnetic platform and save them against contacts, companies, opportunities, and jobs.

You have two options when deciding how to sync email:

1. Link a users mailbox to Magnetic (we will check their mail every 5 minutes and pull in all sent and received email)

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over your name.
  2. Click on Personal settings.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Click on "New Mail Account".
  5. Select your relevant service provider
  6. Input your email account details and finish the setup

Your Magnetic email account will now sync with Magnetic.

Here users just email as they normally would and emails are automatically pulled in.

You get a full history of all communication with the relevant users or users with anybody internally and externally.

Your contact list is automatically built based on who you communicate with.

Your list can get large and will need some maintenance which is one of the drawbacks.

2. Setup an internal company mailbox such as that is synced with Magnetic. 
  • All users must BCC or CC and the email will be copied into Magnetic and associated with the relevant contact.
  • Your contact database is built incrementally as you send emails out. Magnetic will intelligently select a contact if it exists or creates a new contact and company if necessary.
  • Emails are automatically linked to any contacts that are on the email and contacts are always linked to a company.

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