Magnetic allows for easy collaboration with external people on specific tasks or jobs.

Before we get started, watch this video first:

Any paid user in your company (this excludes users with the External Collaborator role type) is able to invite users to collaborate on a specific task or an opportunity/ job.

A specific task

  • User will see the opportunity / job the tasks belongs to but will not see any more info on the opportunity / job itself such as comments, files, emails.,
  • User will only see the tasks they have been explicitly given access to by way of being a task owner or task watcher.
  • User can make comments on the task, attach files, edit details on the task.
  • The user cannot track time. For this, the user needs to be made a paid user (A company admin can edit the user and change their role type from External Collaborator to Time Tracker).

An Opportunity / Job

  • User can comment, attach files, edit the opportunity / job.
  • User can see linked files.
  • User can see all linked tasks and edit and comment on these.
  • User cannot see linked emails or accounts.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select or create an opportunity / job or task. 
  2. You can invite users while creating/editing a Task, Opportunity or Job by choosing "invite a collaborator" as a watcher or owner.
  3. Select what they will be able to view.
  4. Click on Done.
  5. Save.

See screenshot below of the invite Collaborator section when adding a new task: 

The invited user will receive an email mentioning the task/opportunity/job and the user can then: 

If user doesn't yet have a Magnetic account then signup for a new personal Magnetic account for the users own company and then accept the invitation to collaboration with your company.

If the user does have a Magnetic account then log in and accept the request to collaborate with your company.

You can then switch between your own personal or company Magnetic account and the accounts of external companies that have invited you to collaborate with them. To do this simply select your name from the top right and choose the "Switch to" option. You will then switch Magnetic accounts.

Through Magnetic you will, by default be, able to see all tasks, opportunities, and projects across all the companies you are collaborating with. Magnetic gives you a single place to manage and view them all. But if you don't want to see everything together you can go ahead and choose "Only view" to filter only on a specific company.

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