This report allows you to see if you are making or losing money on employees. It's important to set up the correct employee costs and billing rates for this report.

***Note** Only Account Managers can see the User Profitability Report! See tutorial on User Permissions.

1.  Head to settings by mousing over your name.

2. Select Invite &Manage users.

3. Click on the edit icon of the user you wish to edit.

4. Set hourly cost on the user that is either their actual hourly cost to company for their hourly capacity per day. So if an employee earns R30,000 per month and works 7 productive hours a day and you have 20% of general office expenses on top to keep them then the hourly cost will be R2000 / 20 days in the week / 7 product hours per day * 1.2 for 20% margin =  R257 per hour. This value is only visible to Accounts Administrators. 

5. Select users default billing rate as Senior Design with a rate of R750 per hour. This billing rate will be automatically assigned to the user when they are assigned a task and can also be changed if they want to work at a different rate on a task.

You can now run the report in 2 ways:

6. Revenue is the billable time on tasks multiple by:

i)    The tasks billing rate, here a designer employee could for instance work as a junior and as a senior designer at a different rate.

ii)   The users billing rate, if task billing rates aren't correctly set or the different rates on tasks aren't that important to you then then you can fall back to this. 

7. Cost is the Hourly User Cost multiplied by:

i)   The tracked time on all tasks (billable and un-billable). 

ii)   The number of days in the selected period taking into account any leave days.

Follow these steps to access the User Profitability Report:

  1. Click on Reports from the left hand menu
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on User Profitability. 
  4. Optional: Select the department or position you want to review. 
  5. Select the date range you want to assess for user profitability.
  6. Billing rate dropdown menu: select if you want to assess according to Task Billing Rate or User Billing Rate.
  7. Hourly User Cost dropdown menu: Select if you want to assess according to User's daily capacity or tracked time.
  8. Click on the Search Icon (Magnifying glass) to search.

Next Step:

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