Recurring Tasks are a great help if you have tasks that need to be created on a regular schedule. This allows you to close the current task you have finished and Magnetic will automatically create a new one for you.

Follow these steps in order to create a recurring task:

  • Head to the task section.
  • Click New Task.
  • Fill out the information.
  • Setting an End Date for the task is very important - if there is no End Date you will not be able to create a recurring task.

  • Click the Circular Arrow to display the Recurring Schedule

  • Here you are able to choose various options on when you would like the recurring task start and end - you can choose a task to recur on a daily, weekly monthly or yearly, and choose the specific day of the week or month you would like that task to end.
  • Once you have filled in all the necessary information - Click Save
  • Your recurring tasks will be generated and you will need to enable the Recurring tasks filter (as highlighted below)in the task list view to view your future recurring tasks.

  • You will notice a circular icon next to the newly created recurring tasks.

  • Clicking on this icon brings you to a page of all the tasks in the sequence.
  • Here you can edit individual tasks. 
    • If you wish to change your recurrence from a Tuesday to a Wednesday 
      • Simply deselect Tuesday and select Wednesday. 
      • Save.
    • If you need to change the Task Name or any other information 
      • Edit the Task
      • select the "Apply task details to future recurrences".
      • Save.
    • To Turn Off the recurrence 
      • Edit the Task you wish to end the recurrence.
      • Choose Never from the drop down box .
      • Save.

Watch the video below: 

Important things to consider:

  • Ensure that your task end date is a date BEFORE the end of your re-currence date otherwise your recurring tasks won't generate. In other words, you cannot create a single daily task that spans 60 days in length, yet set the recurrence end date to a week from now. Tasks will only be generated if your recurrence end date is set AFTER your task end date.
  • When creating daily recurring tasks, ensure that each task instance occurs over 1 day (Start and end date the same day) You cannot create a daily task that spans over 2 days if you want the task to occur every day. It will default to creating a single task occuring over a single day if you choose this option.

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