Creating and assigning tasks to users is easy with Magnetic!

You can assign a task to a specific user or multiple users and also add watchers who will be notified of any changes on that task.

Follow these steps to create a task:

  • Hover over the quick add menu at the bottom left side of your screen (or click the "New Task" button)
  • Click on "Task" on the menu that pops up.
  • Fill in the following information:
  1. Task name: Give your task a name e.g. Design website.
  2. Task Description: Here you can add as much information as you like about the task. E.g Clarify all the client's expectations
  3. Select Project / Opportunity or Create new Opportunity: By entering the name of a project, job or opportunity here, you can create the task inside an existing job. Alternatively, create an opportunity in the text box for the task to be stored in.
  4. Task Owner: This is the person the task is assigned to. You can select more that one person and they will each receive their own individual version of that task.
  5. Billable: Tick this box if the time tracked on this task is billable. 
  6. Billing rate: In your settings you can set up item types according to which your different users track time. Select the relevant billing rate for this task from the dropdown menu.
  7. Start Date: The day the owner is scheduled to start working on the task.
  8. End Date:  The day the task is due for completion.
  9. Estimated effort: The estimated time you think it will take to complete the task.
  10. Total Tracked Time: The amount of time already tracked on this task. First enter the hours then the minutes.
  11. Status: Select the status of the task based on your workflow. Status lanes are customisable! 
  12. Colours: Indicate the colour of the task (if applicable to you
  13. Tags: Tags can be used as quick flagging to differentiate. E.g. Add the tag "Timing Plan" to certain tasks. Then you can print a timing plan of only those tagged tasks.
  14. Watcher: Add names of people who you want to receive email notifications of any important changes happening on the task.
  15. Attachment icon: Attach a document to this task. 
  16. Save once you have filled in all the relevant information.

See the gif below on how to add a task in Magnetic:

Create private tasks only you can see

  1. Create a new project to group these private tasks in and make sure you create the project as private by ticking the "private" checkbox. Then simply add tasks to this project. A project's visibility governs all the tasks stored in the project.
  2. If you set a task for someone else inside the private job/project, they will be able to see all tasks in the private job/project.

Creating Section Headings in your task list

  1. Click on Tasks on the bar at the top of your screen.
  2. Click on the button "New Section"
  3. Type in the name of the Section heading followed by : 
  4. E.g. This Week:
  5. Fill in the rest of the info as normal.
  6. Save

Section headings allow you to group tasks together. Any tasks beneath particular section heading can be collapsed using (-) icon on the right hand side of the heading.

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