Accurate time tracking is essential if you want to have useful reports.

There are three ways to track time to tasks in Magnetic:

Method 1: Timesheet view:

  1. Admins can track time for users in the timesheet.
  2. Click on Tasks.
  3. Select Timesheet view from the dropdown menu on the right side of your screen.
  4. Tick the "show all tasks tickbox".
  5. Add times in the slots where you need to.
  6. Time is saved once it has been entered into the slots. You can remove or edit time directly in the slots

Tutorial of method 1:

***Note***Method 1 allows for editing multiple tasks while Method 2 and 3 are tracking per task.  

Method 2: Stopwatch on Tasks

  1. Click on tasks and select the List View.
  2. On the right side of the task, you will see the time tracking icon. Click on that icon.   Green indicates active tracking on the task. If the clock is blue it means that another user is tracking time on the task.
  3. You will see time starting to track at the bottom of your screen. 
  4. Click the stopwatch again to stop the time tracking.
  5. You can also start tracking time on your "Top Task" by clicking on the "Start tracking" icon in the bottom menu.

Tutorial of method 2:

If you are in the task details view, you can click on the stopwatch icon in the header as seen below: (A green clock will appear in the Time tracked section of the task details to indicate that time is being tracked.

Method 3: Task Time Entries

  1. When you click on the 3 horizontal line icon on a task it will take you Task Time Entries.
  2. Add a comment as tracked time.
  3. Click on save after each entry.
  4. You can also add "Reduced time" if you want to reduce the amount of time you tracked on Magnetic. Just put a - in front of the time entry. people must rather. However, it is better to reduce the time logged that was incorrect instead of creating a new entry for a negative amount.

Tutorial of method 3:

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Next step:

Make sure your staff is all tracking time accurately and making comments on their time entries. This will ensure accurate data for your reports.