Now that you are all set up, let's create your first job!

Usually, in an agency, the lead(Opportunity)  becomes a job once the deal is signed/accepted. See the tutorial on Signing a deal in Magnetic

Alternatively, you can create a new Job by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Quick Add Menu at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click on Job.
  3. Fill in the project details (See explanation of entry fields below).
  4. Save.

Job name: The name of your job.

Contact: The primary external contact person on the job.

Company: Associate the job with a company.

Amount: A monthly or once-off estimated revenue of the job.

Status: The current status of the job. E.g. In Studio, On Hold, In Production, Finalised, Canceled. See a tutorial on customising your status lanes.

Percentage: Track how far the job is from being complete.

Private: Setting to Private will make the job only visible to the users with assigned tasks in the project/job.

External reference: Insert a reference that can be used to automatically associate emails to this job by adding (m#reference) to the email subject.

Billable By Default: Choose if the tasks in this project are Billable or Non-billable by default.

Default Billing Rate: Choose the relevant Billing Rate or Item type you want to select by default for all user types on this project. E.g. Creative Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Digital Architecture

Date: The start and end date for the job. 

Owner: The user you are assigning this project to. 

Won by: This is a feature for the Sales team to show who closed the deal.

Retainer: Select if this job is retainer and complete the retainer details

Watcher: Add Watchers who will receive email notifications when important changes happen on the job.

Tag: Insert comma separated tags for easy searching and reporting. E.g. Conference,Marketing,London.

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