You can easily keep track of your company expenses with Magnetic.

Follow these steps to add expenses:

  1. Click on Accounts
  2. Click on Expenses.
  3. Click on New Expense.
  4. Fill in all the relevant information for that expense:
    • Job / Opportunity: Link this expense to the budget for a specific opportunity or job by entering the name of the opportunity / job here.
    • Item type: Link this expense to one of your item types / billing rates. E.g. Admin Materials or parking.
    • Amount: Enter the value of the expense.
    • Event date: Enter the date the expense was incurred.
    • Owner: The person responsible for this expense.
    • Tags: A comma-separated list of tags used to segment your database.
    • Comment: Add any extra information about the expense here or use the paper clip icon to upload a file relating to the expense (e.g a receipt or invoice etc).
    • Save.

See the screenshot below:

Once the expense has been uploaded, admin account manager users will be able to review the expense and approve/reject it from the expenses page.

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