Our Team Scheduler View shows your team's capacity for the weeks ahead as well as the tasks your team is scheduled to work on now. This way you can easily see each team member's capacity. 


You can drag and drop a task to change their start and end dates as well as drag a task from one user to another to change the owner of the task. When you need to add a new task, simply click and drag in an open space to create a new task for that user.


For this view to work, there are three things that need to be in place:

  1. Estimated Time on Tasks - We need this to work out how much of your time will be used when working on tasks.

  2. Start and End date of Tasks or Opportunity/Job - We need this in order to work out how much you need to work each day. End dates on individual tasks will take preference over opportunity/job end dates.

  3. Hourly capacity per employee is set correctly - The default is 8 hrs per day per employee.

How to filter  the information in Team Scheduler View:

  • Filter the users - The Department and Position and Full name fields will filter the users who will be displayed in the scheduler.

  • Filter the tasks - The multiple filters will apply to the tasks that will be displayed in the team scheduler. 

  • Filter the capacity - The capacity will always be calculated for ALL the tasks assigned to a user. If the Include Overdue Tasks is not ticked, then the capacity will not take into account the tasks that are overdue. 


Rules that are applied to this view:

  • If a task doesn't have a start and end date then we use the Opportunity/Job's start and end date.

  • If no start date exists then we assume the task starts a day before the end date.

  • If no end date exists then we assume the task end a day after the start date.

  • If Include Overdue Tasks is ticked, we assume overdue tasks are due today. If unticked, the capacity won’t take overdue tasks into account and the tasks will display in the past dates. 

  • A task’s estimated hours is spread evenly over the time period for the task. 

Each user's capacity will be calculated and displayed for the following:

  • Daily capacity
  • Capacity for the selected time period (e.g. Two Week)

Scheduling Tasks 

Not only can you view and move around tasks that are already assigned to users, you can also schedule unassigned or unscheduled tasks that don’t have any start or end date. 

To schedule unassigned and unscheduled tasks, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Schedule Tasks button on the left-hand side.

  2. A pane will automatically expand to add the filters you would like to apply to the Unassigned and Unscheduled tasks in the expanded pane (in other words, find the unassigned tasks you want to assign).

  3. If selected, “Only Show Involved Users” will only display users who are one of the following on the unassigned and unscheduled tasks: 

    • Task owner

    • Task watcher

    • Opportunity/Job watcher

  4. Select the search icon.

  5. To assign a task owner as well as a start and end date to one of the unassigned/unscheduled tasks, simply drag the task to the correct user and date on the right-hand side.

Please see the video tutorial below:

Action Point:

Visit your user settings and make sure their default working hours are set correctly