Magnetic uses a variety of icons for your convenience. 

sqSLJnRrfoGLcB1Z2ejMvSIPpRCpaNZwKA.pngComments can be added to opportunities, jobs and tasks.

nE5jt9mnANxj66TIXX2zxbRtHLasTPE4bw.pngView associated tasks of opportunities and jobs.

0_xyu25wLogrwft4-1rN-gQjjRCW1qq4lA.pngView associated emails of opportunities, jobs, contacts and companies.

R_V4s-YuKoyaKk8JB6h49hm1IFksTxetfg.png View associated files of opportunities, jobs, contacts and companies.

xv1_RezzfJVRVw6POA8GM5_nFBgh50S4Lg.pngView associated accounts of opportunities, jobs, contacts and companies.


xwSYs8u9ZMwodRV54tqcAotmy5wVcGgnbA.pngCreate templates. Using this icon creates a template of the opportunity, job or account.

zXED94KBRYn_4ap8D0VbXn8E4n1KpZw9ew.png Print

BlytGVcdWVl-EIqr5rmAoKYCRr3xAQ2Tng.png Archive any item See tutorial

9l7n2QYTJAzZheU6JdNZ9pAnazqOY5hBxw.png View reports

0FJsFWhR5CZiQSP6GumFVPgsQZyLj7E8KA.png Track time

These are some of the most common icons you will find on Magnetic.

If you come across more icons and you are not sure what they are for, simply hover your cursor over the icon and it will give you a pop-up that explains what that icon is for.