Yes, you are able to create tasks in Magnetic simply by sending an email to a staff member in your company that has a Magnetic account.

Follow these steps:  

  1. Simply compose a new email. 
  2. In the subject line type Task: (And then add your message.)
  3. The title in the subject line will be the task name. 
  4. The user who the email is sent to is added as the owner of the task. You may select more than one owner. Each owner will receive their own task.
  5. Anyone CC'd in the mail will be added as a watcher.
  6. The message in the body of the mail will be added as a comment on the task.
  7. Remember, this feature will only work if you have synced your email account with Magnetic.
  8. Note: Attachments in the email will be attachments in the task.
  9. You would need to add colours, tags etc to the task manually after it has been created in Magnetic

So, again, to take advantage of this awesome feature, sync your Mail account now.

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