Doing performance reviews is easy with Magnetic.

Follow these steps:

1. Mouse over HR and click on settings.

2. Look to the 2nd half of the Settings screen under Performance Review Periods.

3. Add a name for your performance review (eg. Q2 2019 Review).

4. Add a Review Period date (eg. 12 December 2019 to 31 December 2019).

5. Add a review closing date. This date must be after the end date you set above for the review period date (eg. 1 January 2020).

6. Once you have entered the info for steps 3 - 5, click save. 

See below for an example:

7. You will now see your review period at the bottom, which you can edit or delete by selecting the icons. 

***Note*** This area also shows you the total number of reviews added as well as the number of assessments for this review period.

Next step: 

Create and assess a performance review