Introducing scheduling with capacity and navigation improvements!

We've updated a few of our features to make your life a little easier and to help you schedule your team's tasks. Want to know what they are?

Timesheet Improvements

You can now get a quick overview of the important info on a task by hovering over the task name.

Apply any action on your tasks from the timesheet view. Just select the arrow icon on a task and select the action you want to complete.

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Easy navigation to different views

You can now get to any view in one click. Just hover over the section in the top bar and selecting the view from the options in the drop-down. 

Scheduling with Capacity

Resource scheduling is crucial to ensure your team has enough time to get the job done. 

Magnetic's updated Team Scheduler allows you to see exactly what your team is currently working on, while scheduling work for future weeks. Their available capacity will be updated as you schedule tasks, so you can keep an eye on their available hours left.  

What can I do in the Team Scheduler?

  • View your team's capacity
  • Schedule existing work to different dates or task owners
  • Schedule tasks that are unassigned or that have no start and end date
  • Create and schedule new tasks
  • Apply actions to tasks by hovering over a task and selecting the arrow

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