Magnetic releases Saved Searches & Favourties

Magnetic has released great new features that will save you time and ultimately make your life a little easier. Excited to hear what these new features are?

New Table Layout

You might have seen the new table layout already on Beta, if you haven't, you're going to love it! With the new layout, you can select which columns you would like to view in the table. If you want to search on a specific word in the table, enter it in the "Find" field and the table will update with the results. You can also export these tables to PDF, Excel as well as CSV. The new tables can do even more, follow this link to check out the tutorial. There are one or two areas of the product that haven't been upgraded yet but those area's will be coming in the next few weeks.

Saved Searches

Magnetic has super powerful search capabilities that are often under utilised due to the effort to add the search criteria. Not anymore, we have solved this with allowing you to save any great searches you have created and giving them a name that makes sense. Now you can save your applied filters in a search for all your contacts, companies, opportunities, jobs, tasks as well as reports. 

 All you have to do is filter according to what you are looking for and once you've searched, save this search to use it again! Select the save icon next to the search icon and then give the search a name and choose who will be using this search. E.g. is this search only for you, or a department or your entire company? 

All your personal, department and company saved searches will be available under the arrow dropdown next to the save icon. If you've saved a report, you'll have a new heading for all saved reports.


Do you have a certain contact, job or search that you view often? You can now favourite any contact, company, opportunity, job or saved search as well as reports! Anywhere you see a star icon, you can favourite or unfavourite something, it's as easy as that. Favourites are personal so will only apply to yourself and will be listed in a dropdown below the heading in your top bar, as seen below:

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