5 New Features in February

The last few months we've released some useful features to make sure you get the most out of Magnetic! What's new? Take a look!

My Actions
Under My Actions, you can now view your to-do list not only for today, but for this week or this month! You can also choose to view the to-do items of other users. Use this feature to plan ahead and stay on top of things.

Bulk custom field editing on contacts, companies
Bulk editing now allows you to edit the custom fields on multiple contacts or companies, at the same time! Once you've selected more than one contacts or companies, just edit under Bulk Actions and make the necessary changes. 

Opportunity dashboard to tabs
We changed the layout of the opportunity and job dashboard to remove clutter. Now when viewing your job dashboard, all the information related to your job will be divided into tabs. Currently, this is only available in our beta version, but will be available in the main app very soon.

Opportunity lane to sign 
Signing-off an opportunity and moving it to a job is now made easy. All you have to do is drag the opportunity into the status lane "Sign Off To Job" and the opportunity will automatically be signed-off and moved to Jobs. 

Team Scheduler View showing watchers and link to schedule tasks from job
In the Team Scheduler View, you are able to view and manage your team's tasks. When a job with watchers has unassigned tasks, go to Schedule Tasks in your Job dashboard to view the tasks in the Team Scheduler View. Just drag and drop a task into the user's lane to assign it.  

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