New Beta Data Tables

Over the past few months we've been contacting all our clients to understand your thoughts on the usability of Magnetic. One of the key issues that continued to pop up was the the speed of accessing reports and data in our list views. 

So we listened and locked our dev team away for a few months which led to a total restructure of our data tables.

This means you are now able to perform an instant search inside the list view to drill down to exactly what you are looking for.​​Select which columns are important for you to have displayed and only show these. This includes all custom fields. Selected columns are remembered, so save your search for future reference.​​Export to Excel, CSV and PDF.​​Custom sort multiple columns. Left click the first column you would like to sort, then hold shift and left click the second column to sort.
When you sort a table, the total now stays at the bottom.
When you export time, you now get the values in decimal format so you can do calculations in excel as you wish.
With reports, it's now easier for us to add new columns that aren't currently available. Let us know if you want to add any other data columns to help give you the reports you want.

This feature is still in Beta and we would love your feedback. To access, please login via our beta site. All your data will be live in Beta.

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