New Accounts Permissions for Magnetic

We thought we would give you some great Thursday news...

We’ve added new permissions in the accounts module to prevent cost estimates being sent to clients without approval.

Users can now be blocked from emailing or downloading cost estimate PDFs before the CE has been approved internally. Users who don’t have rights to approve the CE will get a pop-up message letting them know that they cannot email or download the CE until approved. 

Need to email the CE to colleagues for internal approval? Create a task for approval and assign it to the relevant person. This way, they have a task in their task list and the request doesn’t get lost in an email. However, if you prefer to email it, simply hover over the CE and click ‘edit’, then copy the URL and paste it into an email for approval. Easy as that! 

Assign CE approval to team members 

If you’d like to give someone permission to edit or approve CE's, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Manage users > find the user you want to edit > click ‘edit’ > scroll down to accounts > on the CE drop-down menu, select the type of permission you want them to have. 

If you’d like to make use of this great new feature, pop me a message and we will activate it for you.

Have a great day :) 

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