New Features: Task Statuses and More

We have great news for everyone who follows an agile approach to work - ie, highlighting what work needs to be done today, this week, this month etc.

We've released Task Statuses as a feature on our platform (cue wild applause). Why would you need this awesome new feature? We can think of at least one reason.

Does this look familiar?

Basically, this is every traffic manager's worst nightmare, right? It's cold-sweat stuff. So breathe, and scroll down, and see your brand-new, totally zen-like Status Lane View. 

Task status view showing in your tasks in order of status

Click on the image to expand it and see your new task status lane view. We've added a workflow to tasks, so you can specify a defined set of states that a task must reach before being complete. Set custom workflows per job (more on that below), and filter anywhere in Magnetic by task status.

User lane view showing tasks for all users for a specific status

This view is great for seeing what tasks your studio is working on today, who they're assigned to and what state they're in. It gives you a clear, simple and complete overview at any time.

To user task statuses:

Note that you will need admin rights to add and/or edit task statuses. 

1. Head over to Settings, then click Manage Company. 

2. Click on Opportunity / Job (Project)
3. Here you will find the task statuses. Defaults are set at Low, Medium and High. You can add, remove and click to drag and change their order.

As a bonus, you can also create custom statuses for specific jobs. When creating or editing an opportunity or job (project), scroll to the bottom where you will see the heading Task Statuses. Here you can add the statuses specific to this grouping, which will override the company default statuses. 

Enjoy this quick and efficient new approach to managing your tasks. And if you need any help with setting up task statuses, or if you'd like some tips in efficient use, give us a shout.

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