July Feature Mail

Grouping Bulk Actions

We've added Bulk Actions functionality to groupings (under Opportunities and Jobs). In the list view, simply click or click and drag to select the groupings, then click Bulk Actions. 

You can bulk edit any field on the grouping.

A little birdie asked us really nicely to put a rich text editor on the contact, company and grouping comments. So we did it. 

If your team captures their leave in Magnetic, it'll now display in the Team Scheduler, making it easier for you to schedule work.

Gantt and Team Scheduler are now printable to an image, making sharing it with your clients even easier. Simply scroll to the bottom and hit Export.

Save time when commenting on tasks, and share important comments with your team involved in the job. 

When adding a task comment, simply check the box shown below to copy the comment to the job as well.

If you'd like to block the sending of CE's that have not been internally approved, give us a shout and we'll activate this on your account. This is still in beta so we have not made it configurable on your accounts yet.

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