As a freemium account user, you will be able to use most of the app at a high level while some of the more advanced features will only be available once you upgrade your account.

Below is a breakdown of what will be available to you as a freemium user:


Regarding Clients, you'll be able to add 10 companies and 100 contacts and use the associated features like adding a follow-up and checking-in at a client.


For opportunities and jobs, you'll be able to add 5 opportunities/jobs and the related features like customizing your status lanes and moving jobs from one status to the next.


You can add and edit tasks and add relevant information to tasks. One feature that is unavailable on the freemium account is time-tracking. Under tasks, you won't be able to access any pages related to time tracking.

Files and Calendar: 

All files and calendar-related features are available.


The Account section, although visible in the top bar, will not be available to access as well as any related features.


All the reports are available except the accounts related reports.

Other settings/features:

  • The HR section is not included. 
  • All user, personal and company settings are available.
  • External Collaboration is available, which allows you to invite external people to work with you on your tasks and jobs.
  • You can Import data into Magnetic. 

A freemium will give you a glimpse of all that Magnetic has to over, but we want to invite you to unlock your full potential! Upgrade your account and use Magnetic as your all-in-one software to improve your productivity.