The project schedular is a great way to be able to look at all the current projects on the go, as well as change project start and end dates so that your teams are not issued work over their daily capacity. 

To access the Project Scheduler: 

  • Click on Job at the top of your screen.
  • Hover you mouse cursor over the dropdown menu on the top right side of your screen.
  • Select the option called "Schedule View".
  • Then hit the Search Button.
  • Clicking on Scale to Fit (The button next to "Manage Tags") will display all of your projects into one view. (The button will then say "Set Default Scale" to return to the previous view).

  • You can Click and Drag a project to move the start and end dates.
  • Click on "Set Default Scale" to zoom in and out of the view.
  • If you click and hold the right edge of the bar you can increase and decrease the duration of the project.

  • If you hold and hold the small gray arrow on the left of the bar, you can change the percentage of completion.

Next step:

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