Magnetic allows you to export a contact list to an email marketing platform, from where you setup up your email templates and send your emails. If users unsubscribe from the emails, the unsubscribes will be fed back into Magnetic and the users will be tagged with "unsubscribed". 

Steps to export a list to Campaign Monitor

  1. Select a set of users that have possibly been tagged, in this example, we use the suppliers tag. 
  2. Click the Email Marketing button on the right. Select a name for the list that will appear in Campaign Monitor. 
  3. Tick the checkbox if you want the contacts to also be tagged with this list name. 
  4. A record will always be added to all contacts with the name of the list they were exported to.

Steps to send multiple emails to a list

There are two options for sending multiple campaigns to your list. Either you:

1) Export the list each time from Magnetic each time to send a mail.

2) You email the existing list from Campaign Monitor and make a note in Magnetic each time you send an email. 

If following approach number 2:

  1. Send an email from Campaign Monitor to an existing list that has been exported.

       2. Search for the list of contacts by the tagged list name and exclude customers that have unsubscribed.

    3. Hit Email Marketing button.

    4. Enter a name for the campaign and hit save.

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